State Innovation Model (SIM)

About SIM

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) office and seven of Colorado’s health insurers – Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Colorado Choice Health Plans, Kaiser Permanente, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, UnitedHealthcare and Colorado’s Medicaid program – coordinate together to support efforts that transform the way primary care and behavioral health care are delivered and financially supported in Colorado. Between February 2015 and January 2019, the State of Colorado will receive up to $65 million from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to implement and test its proposed model for health care innovation. Colorado’s plan, entitled “The Colorado Framework,” creates a system of clinic-based and public health supporters to spur innovation. The state will improve the health of Coloradans by:

  • providing access to integrated primary care and behavioral health services in coordinated community systems;
  • applying value-based payment structures;
  • expanding information technology efforts, including telehealth; and
  • finalizing a statewide plan to improve population health. (The Colorado State Innovation Model)

For more information and to view the proposed timeline, visit the SIM website here.


The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) strives to transform Colorado’s health system and fully integrate behavioral health and primary care to lower costs and improve population health statewide. The Colorado Telehealth Network (CTN) works continuously to increase access to telehealth for Coloradans across the state to create a new method of delivering health care, including mental health services. CTN is a critical partner in this endeavor to increase access to services, improve population health and reform payment systems to lower health care costs.

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