Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Current Filing Window

January 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018 for services beginning 7/1/18

When will CTN post RFPs for the current filing window?

CTN will post RFPs for the current filing window in January and February 2018 to allow for contracting to take pace prior to the USAC filing deadline (April 30, 2018). Currently the below sites are intresed in broadband diversity (further details will be listed in the RFP):

Middle Park Medical Center
San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center and clinics
Conejos County Hospital
Aurora Mental Health Center
Parkview Medical Center
Telluride Regional Medical Center
Delta Memorial Hospital and clinics
Yuma Hospital and Akron Clinic

Colorado Telehealth Network RFPs

Colorado Telehealth Network RFPs for healthcare providers can be found on the Universal Service Administrative Company website here and then search by HCP number 17212.

Which health care providers does CTN work with?

CTN works with health care providers in CO, KS, MT, WY and NM.

Where do I send questions to?

Please send questions to

What is a SPIN number?

Service Provider Identification Number. Vendors will need to obtain a SPIN in order to participate in this program: Obtain a SPIN Complete the required sections to participate in the Rural Healthcare Program. (See block 9 and 10 on the form 498)

What if my Service Provider Identification Number (Form 498) is not approved by the deadline?

It does not have to be approved by the RFP deadline, but in order to participate in the program, all vendors must have a SPIN number to receive payment from USAC.

How does the service provider get payment?

Once the healthcare provider has submitted their 35% payment to the service provider, CTN will invoice USAC to pay the 65% to the service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions by RFP

RFP - #10, #100026180, Extended to 3/23/18 3 PM MST

Due to the complexity of the project, we have extended the original deadline again to 3/23/18   3pm MST. 

See meeting notes posted below for USAC Healthcare Connect Fund guidelines:

2.22.18 – meeting notes

2.26.18 – meeting notes

Below is an overlay map of the area.  The highlighted route is a suggested route. Please provide optional routes and solutions to the overall goal of bringing fiber to the Ouray Health Department by accessing existing fiber in Montrose.

* Ouray Google overlay picture

Schematic Project Plans

For .KMZ file, please email:


1. The RFP indicates that the Northern meet point will be at the DMEA Otter Road facility.
a. Does the service provider have access to a secure telecom room, handhold or POP at the facility?
The Meet Me point is still to be determined, however Region 10 will ensure a connection point is available at the finalized location. (Ouray County public health works with Region 10 Broadband on middle-mile fiber).

b. Will it be required to secure right of entry from DMEA to pull in our own fiber, or will DMEA provide the entrance fibers from a hand hole at the property line?
Access to the connection point will be provided by Region 10.
c. Should the service provider assume Elevate will provide a cross connect within the POP? If so, what type of hand-off (Fiber/Coax) should we expect?
Cross-connects will be single mode fiber, either an LC cross connect or a splice point in a common hand hole depending on finalized location.
2. The map contained in the RFP shows three color-coded segments.
a. The green segment follows County roads, rather than Highway 550. Is this a preferred route?
Has right of way been secured for any portion(s) of the planned route?
Are there concerns with using a route along Highway 550?
The green segment (Ridgway to Colona) is primarily located on Ouray County Road 1, in order to extend broadband to an underserved and more heavily populated area of the county (Log Hill Mesa). A ROW on the county roads would be granted by the county. A route along US 550 is less desirable in this section.

b. The Red segment also follows County roads. Is this the preferred route?
a. Has right of way been secured for any portion(s) of this route?
b. Are there concerns with using a route on Highway 550?
i. If this route is chosen, a river crossing in Ouray will be necessary. This may add additional cost to the project, as bridge attachments will need to be secured. This short section of the route will not be buried fiber.

The red segment (Ouray to Ridgway) is describe as following county roads primarily for the ease of securing a ROW, and also to allow construction to occur on a route with much less traffic than US 550. US 550 also has some natural constriction points where the road is between the river and a cliff face, with no real shoulder area to work with, and likely bedrock underneath.
However, routing of the red section is not as critical as the desire to locate the green section on county roads. A ROW w/CDOT has not been negotiated at this time.
There are several bridges in Ouray, crossing the Uncompahgre River, which are suitable for carrying fiber conduit. It is acceptable that the fiber use one of these to cross the river. The bridge located just west of the Ouray Hot Springs pool currently carries fiber in conduit.

3. Will the service provider be granted no-cost right of entry and a POP location at the Ouray facility?
It is assumed Ouray County, City of Ouray, and Town of Ridgway will grant no-cost ROW on streets and roads, and no-cost entry at POP (CNL) locations. Please note, this is an assumption and a formal decision and approval of each governing entity regarding rights of way will be required.


RFP - #15, #100026406

Below is a suggested entrance of the Senior Center

Google map

RFP - #13, #100026597

Regarding RFP#13, what term is requested on the maintenance?   Please provide quotes for a 3 to 5 year term.

Can I bid on parts of the RFP?    Yes, please provide proposals for the services you can deliver.

Under Networks Service Agreements, is this for an engineering to complete the configuration tasks?  This section is for Maintenance contracts on the equipment.


RFP - #21, #100026754

Can we bid on only the sites we can reach? Does the HCP want a single provider?

  • It is not a requirement from the HCP to have a single vendor for all sites. Please provide quotes for services you can deliver.