Net Connect

Since 2009, the Colorado Telehealth Network has been helping Colorado hospitals, clinics, and behavioral health centers save money on telecommunications expenses through our two telecom programs. We have brought $17.9 million in federal funding commitments to Colorado through our facilitation of a federal funding program, and we saved health care providers an additional $2 million in annual telecom expenses through our Health Connect program.  

Now, thanks to a $400 million annual funding allocation to the federal program, we are able to expand the telecom subsidy programs to include more community health centers, local public health departments, community mental health centers, or rural health clinics and Community Safety Net Clinics. This program is vendor netural and allows for participants to save on average 49 percent on telecom spend.

Eligible Sites

  • Hospitals
  • Rural health clinics
  • Local health departments
  • Community health centers (Community Safety Net Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers) 
  • Health centers providing health care to migrant workers
  • Post-secondary educational institutions offering heath care instruction
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Medical schools
  • Other nonprofit HCPs in a consortium

Eligible Services and Equipment

Any advanced telecommunications or information service that enables HCPs to post their own data, interact with stored data, generate new data, or communicate, by providing connectivity over private dedicated networks or the public Internet for the provision of health information technology. (Healhcare Connect Fund FCC 12-150, paragraph 111.)

More Information?

Contact Tracy Hines, Director of Broadband Services