The mission of the Colorado Telehealth Network (CTN) is to maximize access to health care services, especially in underserved regions of the state, through information and communications technology.

History and Focus

CTN was formed in 2008 through $9.7 million in federal awards to Colorado to establish statewide, dedicated health care networks. $5.1 million was awarded to the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) to develop the Rocky Mountain HealthNet (RMHN) to support the behavioral health care community. $4.6 million was awarded to the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) to develop the Colorado Health Care Connections (CHCC) to support the physical health care community. The two programs have operated jointly since inception of CTN, distinguishing Colorado as providing integrated service to both behavioral and physical health care communities. An additional $1 million was awarded in 2012.

CTN is the federally designated provider for Colorado’s health care broadband infrastructure. CTN works in partnership with health information technology entities in the state. CTN became fully operational in the first quarter of 2012, one of the first in the nation to achieve this distinction. No other state receiving such FCC support has used their funds to create such a far-reaching, all-inclusive network. CTN advances policy goals and health outcomes to rural and underserved communities through the promotion of:

  • Triple Aim: Assist underserved communities to improve patient experience of care, the health of their populations and reduce the per capita cost of health care through use of telehealth technologies.
  • Workforce Development: Educate health care workers and the general public about telehealth technologies.
  • Social Innovation: Support activities that foster innovation around health care delivery to underserved communities in the accountable care environment.
  • Technology Diffusion: Promote opportunities for the integration of health care delivery through digital exchange of health care information.

Presently CTN provides subsidized broadband connectivity through three different programs: Net Connect, CTN 1 and Building Communities. Additionally, CTN facilities the Colorado Telehealth Workgroup and participates in the State Innovation Model.